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Our parish walk will take place on Thursday 2nd August

We depart at 10.45am from the car park at St Benet’s in Kemerton

Lunch will be 1.30pm at The Crown Inn Kemerton and will need to be pre-booked to avoid delays.  Non walkers should book their own meals separately. Fr Peter will book for those walking.

Please see the menu by clicking on the attachment below and sign the list in the church or contact Father


This year we walk in solidarity with refugees in Europe who have had to walk many miles in dire conditions to escape persecution.






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On the Sunday nearest to St Kenelm’s Day we gather as local churches each year to recall our saint.  This year it is at 3.00pm on Sunday July 15th.  Our prayers and readings and a newly composed hymn by local parishioner Dr Deborah Jones will help us to focus and we are usually helped by a short play about the saint’s life as we gather around the well head and place our hands in the water.

On the Feast Day itself, July 17th St Nicholas’ Church hosts a Mass of St Kenelm at 7.30pm followed by a social gathering with bring and share refreshments.  All are most welcome.  St Kenelm was one of the most important saints of Medieval England, referred to in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.  Indeed, writing in the twelfth century, William of Malmesbury reported that, “there was no place in England to which more pilgrims travelled than Winchcombe on Kenelm’s feast day”.  As a boy king and Christian martyr murdered at the behest of an ambitious relative, Kenelm can again inspire all young at heart who would give their lives for Christ. In our secular world we are reminded that Christian life demands commitment and God’s blessing is shown through the miracles that flow.

A lovely wooded glade surrounds the spring that marks the place of martyrdom of our local saint, Kenelm, near Romsley in the Clent hills on the edge of Birmingham.  Here it was that Winchcombe Anglican, Methodists and Catholics, with their clergy, gathered several years ago to make the pilgrimage walk to the site of Kenelm’s burial and shrine in Winchcombe.

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For several days we walked with hospitality provided by community, village halls and farm houses.  As we walked, we bonded as local Christians.  The very journey itself was a sort of ‘Emmaus Road’ experience as the Risen Jesus revealed himself in breaking bread, reading a scripture and our simple friendship.  We were delighted to stop at places associated with Kenelm, especially the well above Sudeley, where his body rested as it was carried by Winchcombe monks to its resting place and from where sprang water that Emma Dent was able to use for the benefit of Winchcombe.

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Image result for clip art oberammergauChurches together in Winchcombe is organising a visit in two years time to the world-famous Oberammergau Passion Play.  The play has been performed at regular intervals since 1634 and now takes place every ten years.

Our trip from Winchcombe combines the visit to Oberammergau with a few days’ holiday in Austria.  (Oberammergau is a small village in Bavaria close to the Austrian border).  Flying on Wednesday 3 June 2020 from Birmingham to Munich, we will be staying in Strobl on the Wolfgangsee amidst the lakes and mountains of the Salzkammergut.  We will have some time in the picturesque city of Salzburg and then two days in Oberammergau itself for the Passion Play, before flying home on Wednesday, 10th June.

To find out more, please email: Rev John Paul Hoskins  Father Peter Slocombe




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This September will see our parish joining parishes from all over the country in Liverpool as we send delegates to the three day Congress.

On Friday mornings leading up to Corpus Christi we have preparation sessions of study and prayer in the Presbytery after the 10am Mass and refreshments.

Click on the link below to see the poster that details of the topics under discussion.  Everyone is invited to be part of this important parish preparation