Our seven delegates from across the wider parish have now returned from their trip to Liverpool for this exciting and important event.

All feel privileged and blessed to have been there on such a special occasion – one that we will not see again in our lifetime.  Hopefully in the coming days and weeks they will be able to share the experience and enthuse our parish in its celebration and veneration of this – our most precious gift.




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Arrangements are now well in hand for the Mass and post-Mass celebration on 4th October.  A working group has met in St Joseph’s to arrange seating for the many priests who will concelebrate and to coordinate the servers from the wider parish community.
All who are planning to attend are asked to use the main car park in Tewkesbury which is free in the evening.  Find this on Nelson Street (parallel to Chance Stree) which will give easy access to St Joseph’s Church and the Hall at Holy Trinity Church where the supper will be held.
The Bishop will be present for this lovely event celebrating 40 years of service by Father Peter to our Church.  Thank  you Father!


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Churches together in Winchcombe is organising a visit in two years time to the world-famous Oberammergau Passion Play.  The play has been performed at regular intervals since 1634 and now takes place every ten years.

Our trip from Winchcombe combines the visit to Oberammergau with a few days’ holiday in Austria.  (Oberammergau is a small village in Bavaria close to the Austrian border).  Flying on Wednesday 3 June 2020 from Birmingham to Munich, we will be staying in Strobl on the Wolfgangsee amidst the lakes and mountains of the Salzkammergut.  We will have some time in the picturesque city of Salzburg and then two days in Oberammergau itself for the Passion Play, before flying home on Wednesday, 10th June.

To find out more, please email: Rev John Paul Hoskins  Father Peter Slocombe